Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I had an epiphany a while ago and now I am finally able to actually use it. I have found four crockpots, the really old ones we put in garage sales, around the country side. Cleaned them up and they are all loaded with dye and wool. I found that I can turn to high, let simmer boil for a while and then add vinegar. Is that kewl or what??? Now I don't have to search for vintage white enameled stock pots or buy stainless steel pots just for dyeing......and it does not heat up my kitchen!
I'm loving this.......and wanted to share this neat idea with my wool friends!
Stay well
Jo and Lacey Jane

Miss October 31st!!!!

 My Ebay group PFATT is having a "Miss October 31st" challenge!!! Tabitha is my creation, it was such fun making her and a great break from dyeing wool.
Hot hot hot here in the country and hard to think fall & winter, but Halloween always gets me going!
Go to Ebay and type in "PFATT" in the search box, hit enter. Lots and lots of wonderful offerings from awesome artists!
Stay well
Jo and Lacey Jane

Friday, July 9, 2010


My niecelets and I went to the Kirby Hooking Circle Hook-In in Houston, Tx. We had so much fun and everyone was wonderful!!!!! The pic here is the vendor booth we built.

And for fun (and nothing to do with the hook-in) is a pic of one of my many antique sewing machines. This one is a hand crank Singer with beautiful decals, dating from approx. 1890's. It still works! The cover (just behind the machine) is a coffin wooden cover. A great piece of history in America!
Enjoy your day
Jo and Lacey Jane