Friday, June 19, 2009

Create and Decorate

I have two projects for this issue!!! Check out my latest.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Added the wrong pic!!! Sorry

so here is the correct picture for the Twilight Journal - duh!

It has been so long!

Since I posted!!! Been working on lots of projects - very hard to multi-task - and I keep forgetting to post here! OK Enough of that!

And here it is the middle of June - hot hot hot - here in Texas- feels like August and September hot. ugh.....

Here is a pic of one of the projects I did for PfattMarketplace. If you have never visited - make plans to do so soon. Lots of awesome artists!

This is Spooky Jennifer -

I have made a hat stand from a vintage handmade cedar (I think) candlestick. I then made a head – completely my own pattern. The head is made of muslin and has been gessoed, painted and sealed. Then a circle of pearls and a circle of some kewl trim is perched on her head. Put some tulle around her neck. What a fun hatstand. I already have made several for myself!

And then of course there is Twilight!!!! I am completely besotted. I will be working on more items - really fun....

So – I made this journal especially for all you Twilight fans out there. It measures 5” x 7” – just big enough for your purse but not too big!
I covered the journal front and back with blue(Edward’s favorite color) handmade papers, trimmed in antique black lace. The front cover features an antique black & silver trim running thru the center of cover – representing the single cord that binds Edward and Bella. Added some fabulous black German Dresden trims and some of my favorite photos of the pair.
The back cover is simple and expressive. This is the time Edward and Bella were in Italy and represented by an Italian quote that means ‘my singer’ as explained by Edward that Bella’s blood sings for him. How romantic is that?

Other news - I have not finished my doll that I was making in the online class I took. I hope to pick her up again this weekend, finish her and post her here on the blog, so stay tuned!

and finally - here is a pic of my cute little Witchy Doxie!

Can you resist those eyes???
Ok guys - more tomorrow -
Stay well