Monday, May 26, 2008

Current Projects

I just finished this wonderful witch stocking! It was a special order for a favorite customer, she was extremely pleased and ordered another witch! If you would like your very own witch stocking here are the details.
The stocking is about 22" tall, completely handpainted. There is a sculpted witch head sewn to the stocking, including her hat. Inside the stocking could be a crow, tiny witch, candy canes, or any number of Halloweeny items. Each stocking is different, no two are alike. The cost is approximately $40.00 plus shipping. Please email me for more details and to order!

I have begun a series of "witch on a stick", so cute and very Halloween! She is about 18" tall, her head is sculpted, painted and stained. Hair and hat makes her look just like a witch and an occasional wart also helps. I added trinkets, like a feather, skull beads and some wonderful yarn to complete the look. I have more pictures available - just email me. Cost is $32.00 plus shipping. There are no two alike - I am working on another one and will post her pic when finished.

So you see I am busy - please let me know what you think about my witchy items!

Friday, May 16, 2008

It is almost over!!!

Yippee!!!! OK - for the last few months have been heavily involved in preparing for a lawsuit for my boss. Today they went to court for their depositions and they caught her perjuring herself 16 times!!! They counted - 16 times!
So they adjorned and will continue later, but it looks really good for our side, thank God I am so meticulous about my bookkeeping.
We are leaving now for a fancy restaurant - I am so happy for him, and that I am getting a margarita!
More later!!!!!