Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wow!!! Hope everyone got to see 'New Moon'!!!! Fabulous movie and now we have to wait for 'Eclipse'!
OK - that said.....
There is a wonderful blog give-away in progress - go check it out!
Fabulous art by fabulous artists!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Planning on adding more kits and more new wools on my website over the holidays. So be sure to come back and check them out here first!
Stay well
Jo and Lacey Jane

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BRRRRR! Cold Today...Introducing the

Lacey Jane Hook-In!

I have started a project for everyone to enjoy! The idea is to get and do a rug by April 2010.....and easier because everything is all figured out and all you have to do is rug hook! Yeah!

Here are the details:
Texas Prairie Hearth Rug
About 11" x 24" on Monks Cloth, finished
Program cost: Uncut wool $150.00 Cut wool $175.00

When: Start in January and have it finished by April 2010

To make this as easy as possible here are some payment options:

1. Month One - Pay all at once and receive free shipping for all four months. You will receive your materials as explained in #2 and so on.

2. Month One (January) - 1st installment $75.00 (uncut wool) or $100.00 (cut wool), receive pattern Hand drawn on Monks Cloth and border wools.

3. Month Two (February) - 2nd installment $25.00, receive all green wools plus shipping.

4. Month Three (March) - 3rd installment $25.00, receive all the flower wools plus shipping.

5. Month Four (April) - 4th installment $25.00, receive background wools and binding plus shipping.

Just email or call me to sign up. And tell me -

Wool options
Payment options

and I will send you an appropriate invoice thru Paypal (if you chose that payment method) or an email to use as an invoice for checks and money orders.

I will try to invoice at the beginning of January to start and then every month thereafter.

Limited availability - so be sure to let me know soon! Questions? Just ask!

Sound like Fun? Join in!
Have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!
Jo and Lacey Jane

Friday, November 13, 2009

Only Six Days!!!!

Until 'New Moon' - my heart is beating really hard!