Friday, May 16, 2008

It is almost over!!!

Yippee!!!! OK - for the last few months have been heavily involved in preparing for a lawsuit for my boss. Today they went to court for their depositions and they caught her perjuring herself 16 times!!! They counted - 16 times!
So they adjorned and will continue later, but it looks really good for our side, thank God I am so meticulous about my bookkeeping.
We are leaving now for a fancy restaurant - I am so happy for him, and that I am getting a margarita!
More later!!!!!

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softinthehead said...

WTG Jo! That is awesome news and a huge relief I'm sure. I am in the process of making the "Pumpkin Eater" into a pattern. Thought you would like to know...heh heh...Pam