Thursday, March 19, 2009



I am still playing around with my dollies and I think I finally worked out a sweet one that I really like and have already sold!

here is her pic!

I named her Sarah. She is only about 8" tall and dressed in her night clothes. I made a stand for her from a 1" wooden block and a 3/16" wooden dowel. And I painted it black and then as I was sealing it, I added bits of lace. Looks really kewl.

So here is the technique:

make doll

Paint on 3 coats of Gesso, sanding in between coats.

Paint on 2 coats of a flesh color (your choice), sanding in between coats.

Add features and any other details you wish.

Spray with a Matte spray to seal.

Paint on 1 coat DecoArt Crackle in a medium consistancy. In other words not too light but not a really heavy coat.

Let dry 2-4 hrs. Then rub on a coat of Folk Art Antiquing Polish. The crackle will appear immediately.

This is what I was looking for - a one step crackle.

Easy technique......Try it!



Nancy Lee Malay said...

I can't wait to try this technique, Jo! Your doll is just great!!!!!


Christine said...

your wee little dolly is just precious, Jo.

thank you for coming to pay a visit with me~ hopefully the weather will be much nicer next time and we can have tea down in the orchard while it's in bloom.