Saturday, August 8, 2009

Halloween is almost here and I am so excited!!! This is my favorite time of the year and I get to bring out all my creepy creations (well maybe not so scary, but definitely Halloweenish!)
Be sure to stop over at the Pfatt MarketPlace on the 10th of this month( for my latest in Halloween musings.

Since The Twilight Saga is so in front right now (New Moon will be released 11-2o-09, I created The Crowluns. They all have their family crest and really are a disparate bunch.

Here is one pic:

Meet Esme Crowlun - named Mother Esme Crowlun by her clan because of her sweet disposition and loving attitude. Notice her family crest is pinned to her hat!

I want to make more Crowluns - so I am thinking there will more midnight oil burning really soon!

Also - the newest issue of Create and Decorate will be released very soon. I have two projects in this issue and both are simple ones to tickle your Halloween fancies.

This rug is called "Something Spooky"

Isn't this just the coolest rug!!!!

Hannah and Her Spooky Chicken is the other project:

and here is the website for the magazine

Well, here it is 3:21 am and maybe thinking I am tired. Stay tuned for more hauntings!!!


scrapncathy said...

Thanks for sending me the link to your blog I love blog hopping! It doesn't look like you write very often Jo? I love your work. I subscribed to Create and Decorate Mag. a few weeks ago. I can't wait to see it, especially your projects!
Thanks Again

lkrymsza said...

Hi, I love the hooked rug "Her Spooky Chicken"! I'm going to subscribe to the magazine so I can have have the pattern-fall is a great time to start another rug hooking project! Thanks! Lynn (Cary, Il.)