Sunday, September 6, 2009

Really busy day today!

Just woke up....thinking about everything that needs to be done today, like working on deadlines. So, do the dye pots I go! And I am working on more Crowullens for Pfatt Marketplace, due today! Eeeek! Mom gave me some clothes she can no longer wear, supposed to put them on Ebay, but a couple of the pieces really need altering. When I get a chance to alter them, will post photos. That is my first love - altering clothes and making wearable art. When I lived in the big city, I taught at a local shop and loved it!!!! I guess I need to post pics of some of my wearable art pieces I have made, even won 1st place at a quilt show a coupla years ago! That really made me happy.
To the dye pots I go!!!!!
Jo and Lacey Jane

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