Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wow! So long since I posted!!!!

what is wrong with me! Well anyway - let's continue

First of all I wanted to announce that one of my projects has been featured in Create and Decorate! I love this carrot. So simple and primitive!

Anyone wanting wool and kits, just go to my website!

While you are there - sign up for my newsletter. I only send one about once a month with current events and musings.

Working on Valentine projects and Easter too! Can you believe it? The year is passing too quickly. Be sure to check on the Pfatt Marketplace on the 10th to see wonderful art.

Have a wonderful day - Sunny here.

Jo and Lacey Jane

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Nancy Lee Malay said...

Congratulations on the Create and Decorate feature, JoEllen!!Love the carrot-perfect in every way!!!