Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring is here! I think....

OK - we just had Easter weekend. The pecan trees are starting to bud out and so I think maybe Spring is really here. It is about 65 degrees and the sun is out. All the birds and critters are out doing their thing. My dogs (all five of them) are on the deck sunning.

I wanted to show my latest doll and the class I am taking from Katie Etsvold at Joggles.com.

As you can see in the pic - that is what I am supposed to be making and she should look a little like the one pictured.

Well - I have made the theatre, the bird's swing and started on her body. Will take a pic when finished.

Here is a pic of my latest doll - and she has already sold in Pfatt Marketplace.

Her name is Hannah and has her own doll stand. She sold right away, so I am encouraged to continue making these great little girls.
Mark your calendars for May 10th. the day the new Pfatt Marketplace debuts with the latest and greatest from a bunch of very talented artists!
Well - it is late afternoon here and my girls want to be fed! Tomorrow I have to mail out Hannah and some other orders and work on my doll for class.
Talk to you soon!!!!!
Stay well

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